Flower arrangement is an art. You need to arrange the flowers in such a way that it looks nice and stays fresh for a long time. It is not a difficult thing, and anybody can do it. Here are the steps for arranging flowers properly.

Get all the materials

You should first gather the flowers you want to arrange. Buy fresh flowers from a florist. You should have a knife, scissors, vase, water, and plant food ready. Plant food is usually provided by the florists.

Prepare the vase

You should get a nice vase to put your flowers in.

Choose a vase according to the length of the stem of the flower. The flowers should pop out of the vase. Then add enough water and mix plant food with it.

Cut the stems

You should cut the stems diagonally with the help of a knife. That way more water will get inside the flowers and keep them fresher for longer.

Arrange them

You should first start with the focal flowers. These are the flowers that are prominent, and you want everyone to look at it. Try to place them in criss-cross fashion so that they create a stable base and the stems stand upright. Then add the secondary flowers and fillers to fill up space.

You must change the water inside the vase every two to three days. That way your flowers will stay fresh for a longer period.